Friday, March 22, 2013

Diagnóstico radiográfico da hérnia diafragmática em cães, 60 casos / Radiographic diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia: review of 60 cases in dogs and cats.

Radiographic diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia: review of 60 cases in dogs and cats.

Sixty cases of diaphragmatic hernia in dogs and cats were radiologically reviewed and categorized by their characteristic radiographic signs. Any particular predilection for age, sex, or breed was not observed. Liver, stomach and small intestine were more commonly herniated. At least two radiographs, at different angles, were required for a valid diagnosis, because some radiographic signs were not visible in a single radiographic view and more clearly detectable in two radiographic views. In addition to previously reported radiographic signs for diaphragmatic hernia, we found that the location of the stomach axis and the displacement of tracheal and bronchial segments were also useful radiographic signs.

 J Vet Sci. 5(2): 157~162 

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